Ways to Make Sure You Never Get Locked Out Again

It can be both awkward and embarrassing if you’ve ever gotten locked out of your car or home. If you’ve left the oven on at home or have locked your car with the key still in the ignition and the engine still running, you know how stressful and time-consuming these situations can be. It’s best to take some precautions to avoid locking yourself out of your car or home in the future. We list some tips so you can avoid any future inconvenience.

Routine Checks

Whether you keep your keys in your pocket or purse, make a habit of routinely checking to see you have everything you need before leaving home. Studies suggest that if you do something continuously for 30 days, it becomes a habit and a part of your routine. Check for car keys before you close the car door to avoid locking yourself out of the car. Checking for keys does not have to take a long time – just a quick look in your purse or pocket will do. This technique will ensure that you never leave without your keys.

Carry Lock Picks

Another way to stop locking yourself out is to carry a set of lock picks – if you know how to use them. The aim of keeping a lock pick with you is to avoid locking yourself out and also to help anyone else who has. You need to get permission from the state to carry a lock pick. Of course, you should only ever pick the lock if you have permission from the owner (of the house or car) to do so. Keep in mind that there will be some locks that you won’t be able to pick. You may know how to open a locked car door, but don’t try too hard – you might damage the lock in your struggle to get inside.

Carry A Bump Key

Bump keys help you out in situations like locked keys in the car or a broken key in the lock. You can use one if you don’t have a lock pick, or if carrying one is not a good idea. It should do the trick, but if you need a hammer to strike it with, then it’s better that you practice beforehand so that you can use it in an emergency situation. You may want to keep the bump key hidden because if someone stumbles upon it and doesn’t know how to work it, they may damage your lock, trying.

Carry A Duplicate Key

This is a good way never to get locked out again.  Keep a duplicate key for home or your car. You can store it with a friend or a neighbor in case you ever get locked out. Try to avoid keeping the key under the doormat – anyone can find it there. You can even sew the duplicate key to your wallet or under a potted plant. Keep your spare key well-hidden or with someone you trust.

Keep Track Of Your Keys

One way to stop locking yourself out is to keep track of your keys. If you have to run back home to get something, don’t leave the keys lying on the table. Always switch the engine off and take your key out when you stop, to avoid locking the keys in the car. Make sure that your keys are not in the open or with any stranger, to the best of your ability. Knowing where your keys are will help you when you need them.

Call a Locksmith

When everything else fails, the last way to never get locked out again is to call a locksmith. These professionals know how to open a locked car door or residential/commercial doors. Make sure you have the number of a reliable and trustworthy local locksmith on your phone in case of any emergency. These experts will make sure to open your doors without damaging your lock.


How to avoid losing your car keys

It is never convenient to lose your car keys, and it can be more troubling if it is your only copy. In times like these, instead of panicking, keep in mind Jax locksmith Solutions service to help you with your car key replacement. If you find yourself in such trouble in the middle of the night, they can help you with your lost car key replacement. Here are a few advantages of getting your lost car keys replaced.

Make a Spare Car Key Even if You Don’t need it

If you’re considering getting cheap car key replacements, you can choose Jax locksmith Solutions. One of the easiest ways to prevent being locked out of your car or home is to get a car key replacement made even when you don’t need it. This will help you save time and trouble in the future, and this can serve you as a smart investment. When you get a replacement key made, make sure that you don’t put it in the same place as your original key. For example, if you get a car key replacement made do not put it inside your vehicle. It will cause you more trouble having your original and spare keys locked in the car, and it will also be easier for a thief to steal your car.

Always make sure that you store your spare key in safe locations, you can put your extra car keys at home and home’s extra keys outside under a plant or doormat. You can also use a magnetic key box that can be securely attached to the bottom of your car, and no one will ever guess. If you’re looking for cheap car key replacements near you, you can consider Jax locksmith.

You can also get a replacement made without the original key

In case you find yourself in a situation where you have lost car keys, you will have to get a car key replacement made. Usually, the model and year of your car can determine the cost of getting replacement car keys. Jax locksmith provides you services for cheap car key replacements for any car. If you have a newer model of the car, you can have facilities as activating the locks from the trunks in case of emergencies. Jax locksmith has experts who can take a mold of your car’s lock and create a new car replacement key.

You can find cheap car key replacements near you through Jax locksmith, which also offer you 24hour locksmith services. A technician can come to wherever your vehicle is parked and create a new key for you, and they can also program your new key in sync with the advanced settings of your car. Lost car keys are a common problem, as you might lose or forget your keys while you are in a hurry.


What to do when you are locked out?

You have locked yourself out from your car and home, now what? It can be a serious problem if you have an infant sleeping or sitting inside the vehicle or house. You can find 24 hour locksmith services by Jax locksmith Solutions who can come to your rescue. However, there are 2 options that you can use in a situation like this.

Ask for Help

If you were wise enough to give someone the spare keys to your house or car, call them and ask them to come and help you unlock. It might be inconvenient for them, but this will be safer if you have children or any risk.

Call a Locksmith

They are your safest bet, and you can find emergency locksmiths near you who can come and help you immediately. If you’re looking for a locksmith in Jacksonville, you can always rely on the services of Jax locksmith. They are your local locksmith service providers and will not cost you an arm and a leg. You can call them at any hour as they are the best 24hour locksmith in Jacksonville.

Now that you have two options that can help you when you are locked out, here are three ways that you can prevent being locked out.

Consider Going Keyless

In the current technology evolved era we live in, many home and car security providers offer electronic door locks that work with the help of smartphone apps or custom codes. Most of these systems have tracking devices too and will raise the alarm if there is an unusual activity around your home and car.

It is never a fun experience to be locked out of your car or home, but it is important that you remain calm and call emergency locksmith services near you.

Give a spare key away for safe-keeping

You can prevent being locked out but giving your home or car’s spare key to a trusted family member, friend or neighbor. Make sure you give it to someone who has flexible availability and can immediately come to help you. Keep the number of your local locksmith saved in your phone or wallet in case the spare key cannot reach to you.

Hide your key

You can find outdoor key holders such as getting a magnetic key holder that can be attached to the bottom of your car and contain both the spare keys of your home and car. If you’re locked outside your home without your phone but still have access to your car, you can drive to your local locksmith in Jacksonville and get help from them.

You can use the emergency and 24hour locksmith services of Jax locksmith Solutions if you’re in Jacksonville. They will provide you with immediate help.